I’ve been beating around the bush for a while now since I found out about the ‘Fiverr’ platform. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s an online marketplace for freelance services at prices starting from as little as $5. The idea is brilliant because it’s like having a little marketing agency in your pocket. You can buy or sell services ranging from graphic design, to animation, … Continue reading FIVERR

Bloggers Exposed.. Kind of

Weekends are for nights out they say, but I’ve recently been staying at home with my friends doing nothing over weekends. This past weekend, we decided to reuse old candles by melting wax remnants and creating new candles, while creating a DIY video with instructions mimicking online social media bloggers. We made three videos as the process was really fun, but we noticed as we … Continue reading Bloggers Exposed.. Kind of

A Penny for your thoughts? How about a Lego for your identity?

One can imagine the look of pleasant surprise on the MA students’ face when their lecturer brings in a box full of legos. Happiness, nostalgia, confusion, and glee were some of the emotions I felt seeing that box come in. Our task? Quickly grab a bunch of legos from the box and create your identity within 2 minutes. The challenge in this task were manifold: … Continue reading A Penny for your thoughts? How about a Lego for your identity?

Cultural Mishap

On which hand does an engaged lady wear her ring on? Right? Left? What? Tradition dictates that the engagement ring goes on the left hand, it’s traced back to ancient beliefs of Romans assuming that the vein in the fourth finger of the left hand ran to straight to the heart, the ‘Vena Amoris’ – the ‘Vein of Love’. (A brief argument with my brother … Continue reading Cultural Mishap

My Life is a Mailbox!

Going through four envelopes of bright red ‘Action Required Immediately’ envelopes in my mail after this winter break was a depiction of my life as a mailbox. I always mapped out my life moving in some organized chronological order – school, undergrad, work, postgrad, work, get married and see where that takes me… and being the control freak that I am, everything was smoothly moving … Continue reading My Life is a Mailbox!